Jeff Ehlers For Idaho


My Experience


I have spent nearly 20 years working at the grass-roots level to elect conservative leaders in Idaho and our country. I have walked neighborhoods, organized forums, spoken with voters, waved signs, phone banked and spent countless hours to elect freedom-loving conservative leaders.

Most importantly, I have experience as an elected official myself:

  • In 2016 I became part of the Ada County Republican Central Committee and Legislative District 22 committee as an alternate. Later I became District Vice-Chair.
  • In 2018 I was elected as Precinct Committeeman, where I still serve.
  • In 2020 I was also elected as third Vice Chair of that body, where I have overseen fundraising for the party. During my tenure we have raised close to $200,000 — the largest amount raised in Ada County GOP history. We’ve used that money to win races for conservative candidates all throughout Meridian and Ada County to Keep Idaho Red! In this capacity I have also met with government officials at the city, state and federal level to promote conservative values.

Throughout my political experience I have built a strong network within our district, county and the entire state of Idaho. I have a track record of working with other Republicans to solve problems, fight the liberal Democratic agenda and elect men and women who love liberty and understand the proper role of government.

I am prepared to be one of those leaders in the Idaho House of Representatives.


I believe strongly that the backbone of a good economy is a free market where businesses, small and large, can thrive. I have spent my professional career in the business field, helping businesses of all sizes and have started and sold several of my own.

Currently I am the Controller for a local small business. I know what it is like to face the burden of government on the back of small business and I am committed to protecting our economic freedom.

I also have experience as a business consultant. As owner of my own consulting business, I worked with clients all over the nation to improve their companies. Analyzing data and spotting inefficiencies is a passion and strength of mine.

The companies I have worked for and the 50+ clients I’ve consulted have raised millions of dollars and saved millions dollars from my efforts. I am eager to bring my financial skills to the Idaho State House to help keep more of your dollars in your pocket.


My own education has always been important to me, and with 4 young children my commitment to education continues. In addition to holding a number of graduate and post-graduate degrees, I have also taught courses at Brigham Young University-Idaho and the University of Utah.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Utah, 2013
  • Master of Accounting (MAcc) – Brigham Young University, 2008
  • Bachelor of Accounting – Brigham Young University, 2008